Alleviating Poverty

Helping Cambodians Build their Dreams

Tabitha Australia helps Cambodian families gain economic independence. We work alongside Cambodians to enable people to actively make their own choices and processes which will result in alleviation of poverty – the results have been amazing!

Savings Programs / Houses  /  Wells  /  Schools  / Cottage Industry / Hospitals

How Tabitha Helps

586074Families Impacted
12780Houses Built
22079Water Sources Made

Latest News

30 07 2020
Jannes Newsletter July 2020

Dear friends and partners, As the Covid virus continues to disrupt the lives of millions around the world, Cambodia continues to struggle as well. Many have lost their jobs because the tourism industry has come to a virtual halt; manufacturing is down to 40% - slowly the local markets are opening and many families are...

30 06 2020
Jannes Newsletter June 2020

Dear friends and partners, It is good to be able to write during this trying time of the corona virus. Cambodia, like so many countries around the world, struggles to find a healthy balance between loosening restrictions for the population to be able to return to work while protecting the population from spreading the virus....

21 04 2020
Jannes Newsletter April 2020

Dear friends and partners, During this difficult period of the Covid 19 pandemic, life is rather uncertain for all of us. There is so much chatter, so many dire warnings that a person could begin to think that the world is coming to an end. So many fears and so much trembling. In Cambodia life...

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