Posted by | March 10, 2022
Jannes Newsletter March 2022

Dear friends and partners, Water is a gift of life – it gives life to our bodies, nourishes our fields and allows life for our animals.  We had the rare...

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Posted by | February 10, 2022
Jannes Newsletter February 2022

Dear friends and partners, This morning I would like to introduce you to Suos Heng who is the Acting Director of Tabitha Cambodia. Heng has been with us for the...

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Posted by | January 25, 2022
Jannes Newsletter January 2022

Dear friends and partners, One of my greatest pleasures in life is going on site visits to our Tabitha Cambodia projects. My erstwhile companions are Heng who is the acting...

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Posted by | December 20, 2021
Jannes Newsletter December 2021

Dear friends and partners, In this festive month of December, all of us from Tabitha Cambodia want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and...

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Posted by | November 6, 2021
Jannes Newsletter November 2021

Dear friends and partners, This is the time of year in North America when we celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time to remember the blessings and joys of the past...

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Posted by | October 9, 2021
Jannes Newsletter October 2021

Dear Friends and partners, This is a longish newsletter as we have completed our annual report and our budgets and plans for this year. I would like to share some...

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Posted by | September 7, 2021
Jannes Newsletter September 2021

Dear friends and partners, Good morning to each of you. The pandemic continues to devastate the country of Cambodia. Many people have lost their jobs and many small and medium...

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Posted by | August 10, 2021
Jannes Newsletter August 2021

Dear Friends and Partners, Today’s newsletter is a little different. I have written my memoirs of 25 years of my work setting up Tabitha Cambodia and its programs. I could...

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Posted by | July 5, 2021
Jannes Newsletter July 2021

Dear friends and partners, Cambodia has been suffering from an upsurge of the Covid 19 virus. Many people are struggling to put food on the table, to find a job,...

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Posted by | June 5, 2021
Jannes Newsletter June 2021

Dear friends and partners, I have exciting news this beautiful day. Tabitha Canada is doing a Virtual Mission for Tabitha Cambodia starting July1 for the savings/partnership program. I would like...

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