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August 2016

Janne's Newsletter

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January 18, 2016

Dear Friends and partners,

It is very good to be able to wish all of you all the best in the Year 2016. We are excited about the year that lies ahead. One of the ways to start our New Year in a good way was done by Glen Stretten from Australia. Glenn produced a video about what poverty is and how Tabitha Cambodia savings is such an integral part of changing people’s lives from absolute poverty to middle class rural Cambodians.

I invite all of you to take a moment and watch the video – 

We have a vision this year to enable another 17,000 families to take their steps that will move them out of poverty. $20 USD dollars is all it takes to stand with these families.


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December 2015

Dear friends and partners,

For many of us the month of December is a month of celebrations – bringing family and friends together in a time of Christmas hope and grace. The months of December and January are times of expectation – a time of renewal.

2015 was a year of miracles – a year of blessings. With the restructuring and renewal of our programs,  we had the privilege of talking with so very many families who had journeyed from absolute poverty to middle class Cambodians – people who had become friends – as one woman said – even though I no longer need Tabitha because I am strong now – I feel like I owe Tabitha for my very life. I was so miserable and suicidal and then Tabitha came and showed me a better way. How very humbling this is!

December and Christmas is a reminder that all of us have expectations and choices that will decide what our future will bring. As we continue to work with families, it is the young people whose choices and expectations which affect me the most. 


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November 19, 2015

Dear friends and partners,

It is a difficult year in Cambodia. Like many areas in the region, Cambodia suffered from a drought – a drought that left families struggling to produce a rice crop to meet their yearly food needs – a drought that left 3 million Cambodians migrating to Thailand and urban centers for work.

In one small corner of Cambodia – Kampot/Kep it also suffered from drought but this area had a secret weapon against drought – they had a dam. In early October this dam was opened and the area went under flood. Initially the flood was severe and families were moved into safety but tragedy was avoided as the rains did not fall as normal.

In a tiny Village of Ongkrang Raech we were building a school – a school that we hoped would be finished for the new school year in end of October. But the flood water was waist high and this slowed down the process.


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