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August 2016


Janne's Newsletter

August  16, 2016


Dear friends and partners,

Water is a true gift of life. For us in Cambodia this past year of severe drought caused grief for very many people. For others in our program – the gift of water which you have given over the years - enabled people to share their bounty. In all our areas with Tabitha water – no one in the villages went thirsty – animals were saved – cows, pigs and chickens - some even had enough water left after sharing with neighbors- to grow crops.

Your gift of life giving water changes our families – it begins with being able to wash daily – bodies, clothes, dishes – during the unbelievable heat of the drought – what a joy it was to be able to cool down with water.

Your gift of life giving water means our families are able to grow crops year round - which in turn leads to saving money for other things such as paying school fees - buying bicycles for transportation or carrying on a business -- buying a battery for light and perhaps a fan to cool down with.

 Your gift of life giving water means our families are able to raise chickens – or ducks – or cows and buffaloes – which in turn leads to being able to rebuild a house – buying furniture – celebrating holidays.

  Your gift of life giving water resulted in over a quarter of million people changing their lives of sorrow to lives of dignity – of self-worth – of living a full and meaningful life. It means that parents can take care of their children and in time children taking care of their parents. It means hope and laughter. It means dreaming of new visions and achieving those dreams.

I am so thankful for my own life and I thank my God for your lives – lives that have changed the lives of countless people here in Cambodia. How very good that is!


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