Jannes Newsletter August 2022

Dear Friends and Partners,

Good afternoon, everyone. I am sending you a gentle reminder to let me know if you are coming for the final build scheduled for January 4. It is essential for us to know how many of you are coming and how many houses that you will donate.

Our plan is that we will build as one big team. It’s time for all of us to get to know each other and to celebrate together. A different build in one way but a celebratory sharing of what all of us together have done in Cambodia. Many of the staff will be with all of us during the build itself. Final details of the build will be sent out in November. I will be returning to Cambodia in October and will stay till end of January.

Our final dinner is being planned for January 8. For some of you there will be extra days in country to visit schools and wells. Please do plan accordingly.

I would also like to remind all of you to send your replies to both Heng at tabitha@online.com.kh

As well as to my self at janneritskes@gmail.com

Do let us know if there are extra visits you would like to make.

I am so grateful for the many kind words you have sent. I am thankful to my God for being allowed to share the closing with all of you.


ps. Australian builders can register via the Australian Tabitha Website by going the Donate Now page and selecting the HB-Final Housebuild Jan 2023 team.

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