Jannes Newsletter February 2022

Dear friends and partners,

This morning I would like to introduce you to Suos Heng who is the Acting Director of Tabitha Cambodia. Heng has been with us for the past 25 years. Heng has worked his way up through the system beginning as a development staff, then in charge of housebuilding and now Acting. Director of Tabitha Cambodia. Heng is my successor.

We spend much time together in site visits checking on savings, housing, schools, water sources and just enjoying each other. We spend time in staff meetings and in training, setting visions and baselines. We check records and talk with families.

Heng has a keen sense of humor, a skill very needed in our work but he balances this with a demand for performance in all areas of the work. Heng does orientation with volunteer housebuilders and makes sure that all arrangements are made.

Heng is the man to contact regarding issues involving Tabitha Cambodia.  tabitha@online.com.kh

I am so honored to have this man as my counterpart – as much like me as I can find.

I thank my God for Heng, and for all the staff, people who are dedicated to the people of Cambodia. It cannot get any better.


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