Jannes Newsletter January 2022

Dear friends and partners,

One of my greatest pleasures in life is going on site visits to our Tabitha Cambodia projects. My erstwhile companions are Heng who is the acting director and Therom our accountant. Our visits are always welcomed by managers and staff of our projects. Lunch time is a time of taking selfies amidst the beauty of our surroundings.

It is a time for talking with staff about all the issues they are facing in their project areas. In Kandal, Tharry and Smey talk about the number of grown children moving back with their parents; an issue caused by the pandemic which in turn causes tremendous stress in our families. This problem is repeated in all our project sites. Creates a tremendous need for house building teams.

It is a time to talk about savings and check the records of our families and Tabitha records. Theirry from Kpg Channang is eager to show us. Theirry like all the managers talk of families already in the program but also of his expansion plans now that the pandemic restrictions in Cambodia have been lifted.

It is a time to see schools completed and new schools that are needed. Talking with students, parents, village chiefs is always such a pleasure. Getting an unexpected hug from the school contractor and a special hug from a young lad, made my day. Receiving an award from a grateful village chief makes all the efforts worthwhile.

In Kep/Kampot, Cheoun has us talk with the district chief to ensure all is well in his area. The chief gives us a list of the desperately poor that he would like us to work with.

Then Cheoun takes us through the countryside which ends in a small track to meet his newest groups of families. The families are elated to meet us and we are elated to have time for chatter and laughter. New friends, new families, new hopes and dreams to achieve; a phenomenon common in all our projects.

In Svay Rieng, Chamouen shows us a well being dug; shows us the 400 hectares of rice-growing year-round because of the wells.

It’s a time for rejoicing in the cool, soothing water for land, animals, and people. It’s all balm for the soul.

It’s a time to see houses being built for families in dire times. A time to rejoice in what will be and what already has been done. Song, from Kho Thom, takes pleasure in introducing us to families in process of getting new homes.

Site visits are a privilege and joy. It brings me peace. I thank my God for each of you who have made this happen. I rejoice with my God in our staff who stand with each family. It is so very good to be refreshed.


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