Jannes Newsletter October 2021

Dear Friends and partners,

This is a longish newsletter as we have completed our annual report and our budgets and plans for this year. I would like to share some of the highlights of this past year as well as our dreams for this current program year.

The Covid pandemic has caused much pain and suffering in Cambodia with many ill from the virus, the lock-downs, and the economic devastation. Despite this, the Tabitha staff have managed to work through difficult situations and have accomplished much.

The core of our program is savings: Our families saved $ 671,750.50 this year but what is the miracle is the purchase and life changes brought about –they purchased $1,865,280 worth of goods and services, changing their lives from absolute poverty to subsistence levels.

In Income generation, especially in agriculture and fishing – 2,426 families were able to raise animals such as pigs, chickens, ducks, cows, etc.  Another 3,792 families were able to grow crops such as rice and vegetables year-round – it is so very good.


Our plan this project year is to work with 5,716 families with 28,580 dependents who will endeavor to save $541,994.00 USD for their dreams.  Our numbers are smaller this program year as the devastation of the pandemic continues to affect our families, lessening their ability to save as much as before. Despite the many constraints, our families are eager to continue to dream big dreams and believe in a better future. We cannot do this without your support. It will cost us $40.00 USD to help each family this year to achieve those dreams. Join us in partnership with our families.

 Our water program was able to install 475 sources of water this year, impacting the lives of 631 families with 7095 dependents allowing 1,182 hectares of new land to be put under year-round cultivation and the raising of animals and fish. The impact of water sources over the years has had an immeasurable impact on our families during this pandemic as the water has enabled families to continuously feed themselves and their extended families during this crisis.

 Our dreams for water sources in this current program year are to be able to install additional water for 1,182 families with 5,910 dependents with the installation of 394 water supply sources in 8 project areas. The cost of the wells is $250.00 USD. Can you stand with us to achieve this goal?

Our Housebuilding program was and is deeply affected by the ongoing pandemic. Volunteers were unable to come and build houses. Despite this, a number of our house-building teams generously donated funds for the Tabitha staff to build 189 houses, a gift of immeasurable grace to these families. We sorely miss our volunteer builders and anxiously wait for their return.

Our dream for this current program year is to build 189 houses for families in desperate need of a sturdy and safe home. The cost of a home is $1700.00 USD. Can you help us to achieve this goal?

Our School program this year was richly blessed. We were able to build 4 schools enabling 1800 children to attend school. At the end of our program year we had 3 more schools in progress which will enable another 1620 students to attend school. What a blessing that is.

Our dream for this current program year is to complete 5 schools in our program areas. The cost of a school is $57,000 USD. Are you able to help us achieve this dream?

Our cottage industry program has been deeply affected by the pandemic. Tourism and the inability of our volunteer housebuilders have reduced our sales dramatically this year, forcing us to downsize our workers to 12 women. It has been the most painful for us, as many of our workers have been with us for many years. It really hurt us to have to let them go under such trying circumstances. We were able to sell 51,638.58 USD but this fell far short of what we have sold in the past.

Despite this, we believe that despite the continuing Covid pandemic, the cottage industry will revive as life will enter a new phase of normal and our volunteers and tourists will return to Cambodia in due time. We envision returning back to our pre-pandemic workforce of 150 workers through the selling of $150,000 USD worth of products. Can you help us achieve this goal?

It has been a remarkable year during this Covid pandemic, a year of pain and sorrow, a year of growth and hope, a year of despair and hopelessness, a year of strength and remarkable courage. I thank my God for our staff, people who have gone and continue to go the extra mile to help those in need. I thank my God for each of you, who despite your own struggles and hurt this year, continued to believe and stand with the people of Cambodia. I thank my God that despite the humbling effects of the pandemic, that He allowed us to be servants to those who need us. It is so very good!


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