Jannes Newsletter July 2021

Dear friends and partners,

Cambodia has been suffering from an upsurge of the Covid 19 virus. Many people are struggling to put food on the table, to find a job, to keep their families safe. The Delta strain of the virus is causing untold numbers of families to be affected. The tentacles of this virus are reaching out to all corners of the country It is all so very sad.

Within this misery, Tabitha Cambodia staff continue to work and serve their communities. This past month they were able to complete 44 houses for our poorest families. They were able to install another 25 field wells, giving water and hope to families struggling to meet their daily needs.  They continue to collect savings and to disburse these savings as families move through this difficult time.  They continue to build 3 schools so that children may continue to learn and dream of a better future.

Of course, we cannot do this without the support of all of you. Currently, Tabitha Canada, Tabitha UK, and Tabitha Cambodia are doing a virtual walk together from Singapore to Phnom Penh Cambodia to raise funds so that staff can continue to serve families struggling through this pandemic. (For further information on this Mission  – do visit Tabitha Canada website https://tabitha.ca/ )

I would like to share a story of a family whom you have helped through our programs. Duk lost her husband to the virus last month. Let me share her story.

Ms. Duk Navoeun, 43 years old, and her husband have 4 children. As Duk told us, Before Tabitha staff came, it was a time, that I will never forget. It was our most difficult time in our life. My children were really small and we didn’t have enough food to eat and we lived in a very tiny house. Day by day we earned money to support our family. We worked every day under the sun to earn money to support our family. Sometime we suffered exhaustion and fell unconscious just to ensure our children had some food to eat. Even though, there were still times when we had nothing to eat. We never had a day off and sometimes we felt pity and cried, we worked so hard every day but life had no change from the harshness.

One day Tabitha staff came and conducted a short orientation about the saving project. I was there too, but I didn’t understand why people should join? In my mind I think I can keep my own money, why give it to other people to keep for us? They came to explain how this program benefits our family and life. One day, I decided to join in this group because one of one sentence “Weekly saving wasn’t much but with this small amount of money it can help you to not to borrow money from another” So the first round of saving, it surprised me as I used the money saved to buy what I wanted and needed. From then on, I understood how important the saving was for it made our dreams for a better life come true.

Then we got an amazing gift of a new home through Tabitha Cambodia. We were so happy, we felt blessed. Now we had a warm house to stay and I planned to build our house bigger. Saving is the best way for me to make it happened. Currently, I got a big house, a clean toilet and especially have enough food to eat and our children can go to school. Unfortunately, my husband left with high blood pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic and he died. Sometimes life is still harsh.

I pray to God to bless and take care of all the donors and Tabitha team to succeed in all their endeavors.

There are so many families like Duk, families who struggle with the harshness of life, a harshness compounded by a virus that has no pity or respect for the people it infects.  And yet, like Duk, I too can pray, a prayer of thanksgiving for each of you who have stood with and continue to stand with our families. I pray for God’s mercy to touch all our lives as each of us is impacted by this virus. I pray that each of us can say like Duk, thank you for making my life better. What a gift that is.


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