Jannes Newsletter April 2021

Dear friends and partners,

In this month of April, we celebrate Khmers New Year, a time when families get together throughout the country to be and rejoice together. But this year the Covid pandemic has struck Cambodia with a fierceness experienced in so many countries around the world and the New Year’s celebrations will be muted and quiet. For so many people in Cambodia the economic hardships that accompany the pandemic have many worried about where the next meal will come from.

Tabitha Cambodia has been so blessed as the staff continue to work with our families. The response to the last email has been good and 18 families have received a new home. The families have shared their emotions with us for this gift.

Hang Chea is 45 years old and has 2 children. Hang has been with Tabitha savings program for 3 years. Back then she was taught by Tabitha staff that savings was very important to not only her family but everybody’s life. Hang said that all her dreams that she had longed for have come true, because of her savings that she received from Tabitha. As Hang told us, “I got 2 water jars for storing water, bought cows to raise, and I built a toilet. And now I can’t help crying as I got a house from Tabitha amid the COVID pandemic.  I didn’t think I could survive the COVID-19 to continue to raise and nurture my children. Now I got a sweet home for living in, thus if I die I could die in peace.”



Keo Nang is 38 years old and her husband is Seng Manh and they have 3 children. They started saving with Tabitha in 2017. Keo told us that “saving money has helped me a lot, we have had a better life and enough food for each meal. We got animals to raise, we can send our children to school, and what we wanted most and have longed for is a decent home.  It’s a miracle and the God’s gift, that we have got a house from Tabitha Cambodia amid a pandemic. My whole family had happy tears flowing down our eyes. “

We, as Tabitha, have happy tears as well for the privilege of bringing hope when the world is in doom and gloom from the pandemic.

This month of April is extremely hot and dry. We rejoice for we have been able to install more than 150 sources of life giving water these past few months.  Over the years, more than 50,000 families have received this gift of life, families who are not going hungry this pandemic, families who can feed their extended clans with food and cool water to drink. This too, brings happy tears to our eyes.

I thank my God for each of you who have stood with us and brought happy tears to so very many in this country of sorrows. I thank my God that you have enabled us to bring this gift to so many here. It is so very good.


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