Jannes Newsletter December 2020

Merry Christmas

Dear friends and partners,

During this month of Christmas in the West – on behalf of the staff and families of Tabitha Cambodia – I would like to wish each of you Merry Christmas and the best in the Year 2021. It has been a hard year with the pandemic – a year of not knowing what the future will bring – a year of re-learning how to live our lives within the confines of a global pandemic.

Cambodia has been spared from the worst ravages of the Covid 19 – but we have not been spared from the economic fall-out from closed borders and the world no longer functioning as an economic global entity. To prevent the Covid 19 from taking hold within Cambodia – periodic shut downs and stringent checking of incoming tourists – leaves the country on edge.  Despite the initial 3-month shock wave of pandemic closures – Tabitha Cambodia continues its work.

We want to thank each of you who have walked with our families through the savings and partnerships this year and in the past. You have enabled hundreds of thousands of families rebuild their lives from the ashes of poverty – a Christmas gift beyond imagination. Cambodians have a clan culture – meaning that families are honour bound to help all members of their family – no matter how distant that relationship may be – savings has allowed our present and past families to open their homes to many. Relatives who have lost their jobs and incomes in this difficult year rely on Tabitha families for support

We want to thank each of you who have supported thousands of families through the gift of water – water for the thirsty – water to grow food and raise animals – income and food to sustain their clan – their relatives. What a wonderful Christmas gift that is!

We want to thank each of you who have and still are building schools – opening the minds and worlds of thousands of children each year – perhaps one of these children will become the next scientist to discover a cure for the next pandemic! What a Christmas gift that is to allow children to learn about the world outside their homes, to be able to read and write – to understand how nature works and the societies sharing the world with nature.

We want to thank each of you who have supported cottage industry – who have bought our products – hundreds of women have found new meaning in life – a new way of thinking – strength and courage to overcome unimaginable hurt. What a Christmas gift that is to give dignity and respect back to women who lost this through the sex trade – who live with the scourge of AIDS – who now raise their own children with love, courage and wisdom.

We want to thank each of our volunteers, our Tabitha foundations world-wide for your constant and unceasing support! This year the Tabitha Virtual Mission, which is almost complete – has raised funds so that all of our programs can continue. What a Christmas gift that is – bringing solace, comfort and strength to Tabitha Cambodia staff and families – they learned that they are not forgotten and abandoned this difficult year. They have decided that they are willing to build houses themselves for house building teams that are unable to come. What a gift that is.

I thank my God for Christmas – for bringing comfort and hope, of bringing dreams and solace to our Cambodian families. I pray that the blessings you have brought in the past and the present may this Christmas be abundant in all your lives – just as you have brought blessings to innumerable people in Cambodia. Merry Christmas to each of you!


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